By Norma Richman

The vote is in and the paws have it! High Point’s first graders met their April read-a-thon goal and then some.  These enterprising youngsters were hoping to raise $200 to fund their dog biscuit bakery and puppy blanket workshop.  Their efforts resulted in the collection of a whopping $1051.  After spending $73 for blanket materials, they were able to donate almost a thousand dollars to their favorite charity, Hand in Paw of Monrovia, where deserving rescue dogs await their forever homes.

Homemade dog biscuits were also lovingly baked by the students to go along with the delivery of the blankets to Piper Wood, Hand in Paw’s founder. The biscuits project was fully funded by first grade mom Cyndi Fox Bonaccorso, and additional doggie treats were donated by the Cavato family. While the biscuits were baking, students learned to cut and sew colorful pieces of flannel to fashion blankets—sixteen in all.

Along with learning to sew and bake, Ms. Summers’s and Mrs. Heany’s first graders experienced first-hand the value of fundraising and charity.

Seven-year-old Stella Bae said, “I love any kind of animal and we were helping animals. Giving the money to Piper Wood was the best part. It was hard saying bye bye to Zeus and Piper.”

Classmate Tacia Papadopoulous chimed in that she loved learning how to make dog biscuits: “I shaped and I rolled the dough and I cut it out.  I also made dog blankets, and my mom was there to help.”

Joshua Lee, 7, also reflected on his experience with a description of the baking process. “I liked making the dog biscuits and shaping them, and I liked giving the money to Piper. It was hard carrying the bag of treats around.”  He added, “And I liked helping the animals because I like nature.”

Lucas Lin, age 6, summed up the whole experience this way: “The most important thing I learned was to rescue animals. When I get older, I’m going to rescue dogs especially.  It was fun making the dog biscuits, and it was hard to make the blankets because I had to tie the knots.”

High Point’s new tradition provided lessons in both work and charity for these thoughtful first graders and biscuits and blankets for some lucky dogs!

Hand in Paw Rescue Website Link.

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