High Point Academy Student Receives the Citizenship Award

1. Izze_IMG_4312Isabella Alcaino-Gordon (Izze) is a very special 7th grader. Having joined High Point after attending Holy Angels through sixth grade, Izze has quickly and quietly become integrated into the High Point community. She brought with her a love of working with younger children and has put that love into action at her new school.

Everyday, during her breaks, Izze assists Mrs. Vernon with the kindergarten class. She does this up to three times a day without fail. Izze helps Mrs.Vernon by correcting workbooks and classroom work, listening to children read, and helping them with a variety of classroom projects. She also helps prepare the room for the day first thing in the morning.

Mrs. Vernon had a substitute teacher one day who remarked how wonderful and helpful Izze was in the classroom during Mrs. Vernon’s absence.

Izze is smart, talented, and giving.

For her exceptional character and citizenship in going above and beyond to provide invaluable support and assistance to Nancy Vernon and her kindergarten students each and every day, Ms. Isabella Alcaino-Gordon is being honored with High Point Academy’s Citizenship Award.


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