First Grade Books to Biscuits and Blankets Too!

HPA First Graders Reprise Their Community Engagement Project

By Norma Richman

For the second year in a row, first graders pitched in once more to fund their favorite cause. In April they read book after book in a pledge drive to earn money for blanket and biscuit supplies—a great lesson in finance.  The goal for each student was to read 20 books…yet many far surpassed that, reading as many as forty books!  They raised over $550, and High Point’s Daisy Troop topped off the kitty (pardon the pun) with another $200. That’s a lot of blankets and biscuits. The recipient, again, was local dog rescue agency Hand in Paw. Paw’s founder, Piper Wood, always impressed with High Point’s generous first graders, is herself an HPA graduate.

Simon L., Andrew D., and  Princeton W.

With funds in hand, these enterprising youngsters were able to buy all that they needed to make twenty comfy dog blankets. They baked a hundred or more dog biscuits, as well. In a special May presentation, the gifts were given to Piper and two of her four-footed friends, Zeus and Luna.  Kids gathered around the pups, who sampled the blankets and the healthy treats and offered approving wags. Hand in Paw is located in nearby Monrovia and specializes in dog rescue with the goal of adopting out their charges to qualifying homes.

Daisy Troop #6611

Carter H., age 6, explained, “I liked meeting the dogs because they looked very fluffy.  Luna, especially, looked fluffy. I liked Zeus because I thought the name was funny. The name is like a god. I felt generous when we were making soft blankets.”

Simon L., 7, added, “I really liked making the biscuits. So basically, Ms. Summers made the dough. When it was ready, we got cookie cutters that looked like dog bones.  I liked the fact that dogs would get more food and have a warm place to snuggle up.”

Seven-year-old Megan M. noted, “We put two blankets on top of each other and we tied them together to make them thick. Cutting out the biscuits was super fun.  The biscuits were to make them healthier.  I felt nice and generous.  Our Daisy Scouts helped too.  We gave money that we earned from cookie sales.”

“The best part was the blankets because they felt soft and it was practice in sewing.  The biscuits were squishy.  When I read all the books, I was raising money for the dogs, and I was learning.  It made me feel generous and nice,” explained Eliana S., age 7.

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