Sweetness Redux

By Norma Richman

One dollar at a time, one lick at a time, High Point’s lucky students learned once again how rewarding it is to help those less fortunate than themselves.  For the second year in a row, lunch-time sales of popsicles went through the roof.  More than 1,000 sweet treats were dished out to students between September 20th and 27th.  The dollar amount came to $1232.00, but the best part was the $600 additional contribution from the school. The total take was a whopping $1,832 for BStrong Hurricane Relief.

Industrious parents Jolie Solomon, Tanya Potts, Jackie Byrne, Jeannine Lee, and Jennifer Berg organized the sale and manned the popsicle stands. They also participated in choosing a charity that could quickly help the victims of Hurricane Florence by distributing gift cards and necessary essentials to families affected by this disaster.

Just as important, High Point students took a moment to reflect on the deeper  meaning of the sale.

“The popsicle sale was fun and refreshing because it was a very hot day! Also, it felt good to know that I was helping others,” said Grace H., age 9.

Julianne K., 9, summed it up this way: “I like the idea of the popsicle sale, and I wish students would have donated even more money.”

Reece L., also 9, added, “The popsicle sale was a good idea because it was tasty, and we’re actually helping someone. I like that it was cheap, too.”






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