Ghostly Cans for Good

Teachers are always looking for creative ways to teach especially at High Point Academy in Pasadena, California. An opportunity arose to combine art and community service during Halloween for Mrs. Louis Harris’ and Mr. Rob Woodward’s 5th grade students.


An art project was devised by Mrs. Harris for the students to create ghosts by using soup cans as the base for each form.  The community service portion involved donating the soup cans to a food pantry once the project was complete.

Each student brought in a soup can to build their ‘ghost’. Using tape, plastic wrap, and toothpicks they created a shape using their can as the main body.  Students then dipped a piece of fabric in a water and glue mixture and draped it around their forms to create a ghostly shape. When the fabric dried, a spooky white ghost floated over the can.

The ‘ghosts’ were removed from the cans and decorated. The soup cans were cleaned in preparation to be donated.

The students loved being able to rip the fabric to create shredded edges.  After each piece of fabric had been dipped in a glue mixture, they were draped over the cans to create ghosts.  Before Halloween, the ghosts were separated from the cans. Each student decorated his/her ghost.  It was amazing to see the creativity.  – Mrs. Harris

Mrs. Harris drove the box of soup cans to the Altadena Food Pantry on behalf of High Point’s entire 5th Grade Class.  It was a spooktacular success!


Altadena Food Pantry

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