Kinders Carry on a Tradition in the Spirit of Kindness

By Norma Richman

High Point’s kindergarten students spent the weeks leading up to the holidays learning about the importance of helping those less fortunate. They collected new and gently-used jackets of all colors and patterns and packed them into huge boxes for delivery to Families in Transition in Pasadena. While some children raided their own closets, others shopped the pre-Christmas sales for just the right size and color. A big part of the activity was decorating two large gift boxes and then folding the jackets and coats; the boxes were filled to overflowing in no time and delivered directly to children at the Madison Center.

Families in Transition (FIT), in a new location at the Madison Center, serves as the Pasadena Unified School District homeless/transitional program. It is funded by a federal grant to provide outreach and to connect homeless and transitional students and their families to the appropriate services. In addition to providing family support, they also offer clothing and toiletry assistance.

June M., age five and-a-half, was especially excited to help kick off the kindergarten coat drive. “We had to decorate the box for the kids because some kids don’t have jackets and will be cold for the winter. So if they don’t have something they need, then you have to help them.” June also explained that the jackets were packed into big boxes and the whole class helped to color and decorate them.


Six-year-old William G. added, “They are going to be happy when they get them. It made me feel happy too because the people would be really cold without jackets.”

“We’re giving jackets to kids that are poor to keep them from being cold. It made me feel better because we gave away jackets that don’t fit us anymore and they might fit some other kids,” stated Kingsley S., age 6.

A job well done by Kingsley and Sophia.

Sophia S., 6, wrapped up the experience with an important thought: “It’s important to help others so they can be warm and comfy.”


Families in Transition


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