Junior High Enrichment Gallery Walks

By Colleen Zeiss

This week, the junior high is participating in the quarter-end enrichment Gallery Walks. Each enrichment class hosts an open class or presentation. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend as the kids showcase their skills. On Tuesday, January 15th, Mrs. Gangl hosted a debate as part of the final project for this enrichment class. The students debated the the topic of a later start time for schools. It was an exciting display!


Friday marked the last showcase of the Quarter 2 Enrichment Gallery Walks. Mr. Davis’s art class hosted an art exhibit during which the students displayed their work and websites documenting their creative processes. Each student spoke articulately about his/her journey in creating the pieces. All pieces centered around designing a chair; however, the students utilized an array of media throughout the quarter: Sketchup, clay, cardboard, SculptGL, ProCreate, paper, and paint.

The students spoke intelligently about their decisions as artists and their creative journeys. A special thanks to Mr. Davis who is continuing to push our kids to be creative and reflective artists!


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