Letters to Our 8th Graders

By Colleen Zeiss

This week is a big one for our 8th graders. Catholic high schools send out decision letters on Friday, March 1st. The students and their families will receive emails on Friday night and the letters over the weekend.

Understandably, the students are anxiously awaiting these decisions. Although we know our wonderful 8th graders will receive plenty of good news, we also know that this is a nerve-wracking time for them. The High Point community wanted to show them our support. In a rallying effort, teachers, administrators, and staff members signed up to write heartening letters to the students. We signed up for a particular student and wrote a personalized letter of encouragement. The students are awaiting acceptance letters from the high schools, but the High Point teachers, administrators, and staff have provided an acceptance-of-you letter to each eighth grader.

This morning in homeroom, the students received the letters. Overjoyed by the loving words of their community, the students’ gratitude was palpable (there were even tears of joy). We teachers, administrators, and staff do not get to say everyday in words how much we love our students, but today we were able to deliver this message to our eighth graders through these letters.

As a final message to the High Point Academy Class of 2019, your faculty, administration, and staff love you and wish you the best!


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