Boys and Girls Track & Field 2019

By Sonya Stromberg

We had a great final two meets of the season,  starting on the road last week and  ending with the big finale home meet this past Tuesday.  In case you weren’t there in person, here’s what you missed:

Boys and Girls Track & Field

@ The Clairbourn Meet…

The Eagles B-Team traveled to Clairbourn last Friday to participate with student-athletes from Mayfield Jr., Crestview, and Clairbourn Schools  The Eagles had a great meet and ended up placing 2nd in both the Boys and Girls divisions.

B-Team Boys Results:                                    B-Team Girls Results:

  1.  Mayfield                                                        1. Mayfield
  2. High Point                                                      2. High Point
  3. Crestview                                                       3. Clairbourn
  4. Clairbourn                                                      4. Crestview

@ The High Point Meet…

On Tuesday afternoon, the Eagles played host to student-athletes from Mayfield, Chandler, Clairbourn, and Pasadena Poly.  It was the final meet of the season, and the Eagles had “home field” advantage as it took place on our own Higgins Field.  The Eagles finished in 3rd place in both the girls and boys divisions, and there were some fantastic individual performances throughout the day.

Here are a few of the individual performance results:

  • In an exciting finish, the Boys 6×50 relay finished in 1st Place.  Relay Team: Ethan L. (6th), Aurix H. (5th), William Z. (6th), Cory L. (5th), Jad A. (5th), Ben M. (5th)
  • The girls 6×50 relay finished in 2nd place.  Relay Team: Carissa C. (5th), Katelin K. (6th), Fiona Z. (6th), Ally D. (6th), Emily G. (5th), Meredith S. (5th)
  • Jake L. (6th) finished  in 1st place in the Boys 880m
  • Anthony G. (6th) finished in 3rd place in the Boys 440m
  • Ray C. (6th) finished in 3rd place in the Boys Long Jump
  • Shelly L. (6th) finished in 1st place in the Girls Hill Run with a 9:45 time
  • Katelin K. (6th) finished in 3rd place in the Girls Hill Run with a time of 10:18
  • Luke T. (6th) finished in 3rd place in the Boys Hill Run with a 9:34 time
  • The Girls relay team finished in 3rd place in the 4×220 with a time of 2:30  Relay Team: Ava R. (6th), Elina C. (6th), Taylor T. (6th), Abby S. (6th)
  • The Boys relay team finished in 2nd place in the 4×220 with a time of 2:10 (Relay Team: Zach H. (6th), Caden M. (5th), Armen B. (5th), Joel S. (6th)
  • The Boys relay team finished in 3rd place in the 4×440. Relay Team: Jake L. 6th), Ray C. (6th), Luke T. (6th), Anthony G. (6th)

*Photo credit for this week’s pictures goes to Tito Gibbs, mother to Anthony (6th grade). Thanks for taking such great shots….again!

Fan Club

The student-athletes really get excited when they see their parents, friends, teachers and other faculty and staff in the stands cheering them on to victory.  Thanks for supporting our Eagle Athletes!

Up Next…

We move into the spring sports season-2, with practices beginning on Monday 3/25 for Boys Baseball, Boys Volleyball, and Girls Softball.  There will also be Boys and Girls Swim meet, as well as a Boys and Girls Golf tournament in the upcoming sports season….stay tuned!

Thank you all for supporting our student-athletes this year, and we are looking forward to seeing more of you out on the field and courts cheering on our student-athletes in this next Spring season.  Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend!

Go Eagles!

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