Rise Against Hunger

by Colleen Zeiss

The High Point Academy Student Service Team hosted its spring service project on Friday, May 3rd. We teamed up with Rise Against Hunger, an international organization that provides meals and aid to those who need it the most. A very unique aspect of this organization’s work is that it mobilizes volunteers to take action. This means that the entire school community participated in the packaging of the meals to be donated to Southeast Asia.

Our goal was to raise $5,140.80 in order to package 15,120 meals. Well, we did it. In fact, we donated even more! We raised $8,386.86!! All the money we raised beyond our goal was donated to the Rise Against Hunger Los Angeles office, so that this worthy organization can continue its fight to end world hunger by 2030.

The day of the packaging event began for the Student Service Team with an early arrival time of 7 AM to set up the Multi-Purpose Room with the supplies needed to package the meals: funnels, scales, hairnets, gloves, and boxes of soy, rice, dehydrated vegetables, and micronutrient flavoring mix. At the beginning of the school day, the students gathered at the stadium seating for an assembly hosted by the Student Service Team, which kickstarted the event. Then, each class visited the packaging site for thirty-minute shifts. As each class worked hard to package the meals, the familiar clang of the gong marked the completion of another 1,000 meals. We heard this sound often throughout the day, and in the end, we reached another school-wide goal and packaged 15,120 meals in six hours!

As the Rise Against Hunger website says about its goal to end world hunger by 2030, “This is possible.” Our partnership with this notable organization opened our eyes to an array of possibilities.

It is possible to mobilize a community to take action toward change. It is possible to reach and even exceed our goals when we work together. It is possible to make a difference, regardless of age. This (and so much more) is possible!


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