Communication and Collaboration: Better Together

By Mr. Gary Stern

High Point has always been at its core about community and connection.  Time and time again parents share with me that it is this genuine sense of community and connection (in a top-notch educational environment!) that attracted them to High Point and is instrumental in defining the journey of their children and themselves.  On a personal note, the highlight of each school day is greeting every student, parent, and colleague as they enter our campus to experience first hand the realization of High Point’s mission: to awaken the joy of learning within us all. There is nothing more invigorating and heartwarming than a steady stream of morning greetings filled with hugs, handshakes, and high fives.


Against this backdrop, it is fitting that High Point’s school-wide theme this year is Communication and Collaboration: Better Together.  This theme encourages each of us to:

  • Be productively engaged in the life of the school
  • Communicate with clarity and transparency
  • Honor different perspectives
  • Optimize our collective strengths and skills

We do all this to foster what brings us together in the first place: our shared mission to “awaken the joy of learning in each child and provide a nurturing environment that enables each student to flourish academically, emotionally, morally, physically, and socially.

It’s all about the kids.  There is nothing more important than the quality of our educational programs that engages and ignites the curiosity and creativity of students in the classrooms and throughout the campus.  Our five-year Strategic Plan’s first overarching objective is to “sustain and enhance a strong, challenging K-8 curriculum that is among the best in the San Gabriel Valley,…a curriculum that is distinguished through the use of innovation and develops students who are intellectually agile as well as community-minded.”   With this in mind, High Point is pleased to welcome Jessica Butterfield as our Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  Jessica’s overarching role is to work together with our faculty and administrative leadership team to allow High Point’s commitment to academic excellence to reach new heights.

Each of High Point’s overarching initiatives is designed to promote the best interests of our students.  Notably, the ultimate success of each of these initiatives depends upon our collective collaboration and partnership, including:

  • Strengthening the alignment of our challenging and engaging K-8 curriculum
  • Optimizing the ongoing professional development opportunities for our dedicated faculty to continue to incorporate best practices in curriculum (what we teach) and instruction (how we teach)
  • Deepening the sense of community through parent volunteerism and fostering community-building events.  We deeply appreciate all of our incredible parent volunteers!!
  • Further upgrading and modernizing our campus facilities to provide the optimal learning environment for students (like the beautiful remodel of all kindergarten-2nd grade classrooms that occurred this past summer).  We are excited to share the vision for future facilities enhancements with you going forward.

I am grateful and honored to be partnered in this work with High Point families and with such a gifted and dedicated group of educational leaders, faculty, and staff.  Cheers to a wonderful school year—we are better together!

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