HPA Eagles Tennis — 2017 & 2019 League Champions

By HPA Coach Russ,

HPA Boys Tennis: Tournament Results: Eagles Sweep Twice, Win Championship!

We arrived at Caltech at 1:40, and got a decent warm-up in by about 2:05. Thanks to Designated Alternate Caden, for assisting with the warm-up.

Semifinal Round

High Point (1) vs. Mayfield (4):

  • #1 Singles:
    • Tyler won, 8-1
  • #1 Doubles:
    • Ray and Anthony won, 8-0
  • #2 Doubles:
    • Tim and Nick won, 8-0
  • #3 Doubles:
    • John and Luke won, 8-3

We won the semifinal, 4 lines to 0, 32 games to 4

Final Round

High Point (1) vs. Poly (3):

  • #1 Singles:
    • Tyler won, 8-1
  • #1 Doubles:
    • Anthony and Ray won, 8-2
  • #2 Doubles:
    • Nick and Tim won, 8-0
  • #3 Doubles:
    • Luke and John won, 8-2

We won the final, 4 lines to 0, 32 games  to 5

As I look at the scores, I notice that Tim & Nick collected TWO BAGELS today, not dropping one game!  Congrats also to Ray and Anthony, who collected a bagel.

Congrats to all our players who were undefeated today!

Thanks also very much to those who contributed to the snack, and most importantly, to Eric McMullin, who made a “racquet run” back to HPA to grab Tyler’s racquets!  (After 4 years of “the chaos that is middle school tennis” as Coach Hunt puts it, I wasn’t even that surprised when I realized I had forgotten his bag!  He won his first match with my racquet.)

That was the last match for Tyler and I as Eagles.  Here’s a summary of our results during our run:

  • 2016:
    • League Finalists
    • #1: Adam Lewczuk
    • League Record: 4-0
  • 2017:
    • League Champions
    • #1: Miles Cabrera
    • League Record: 4-1
  • 2018:
    • League Finalists
    • #1: Miles Cabrera
    • League Record: 3-2
  • 2019:
    • League Champions
    • #1: Tyler Byrne
    • League Record: 4-0
  • Summary:
    • League Record: 15-3

It has been a privilege coaching this team this season, and for most of you, seasons past.  We’ve had a great run!  I’ve seen so much improvement over the years – it has been great to be part of it.

I hope your boys continue playing tennis, The Sport of A Lifetime, as long as they’re able, which is my plan.  There are tournaments available all the way up to the 90+ division!


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