Getting Started with Distance Learning

By Megan Whelan, Learning Specialist M.Ed Are you having trouble getting started with this adjustment? I am sure you were not planning on becoming educators in the blink of an eye. We are here to help! Here are some suggestions for how to get started.  Space: Have a designated area in the home for homework: … Continue reading Getting Started with Distance Learning

High Point Excels at Poly Quad League Debate Tournament

High Point's debaters finished in second-place among 23 schools at the prestigious Poly Quad League Tournament on Saturday. High Point's two teams compiled a combined 75% winning percentage against schools from four of Southern California's top middle school debate leagues. High Point's team of Andy P., Ben L. and Andrew B. finished the tournament undefeated … Continue reading High Point Excels at Poly Quad League Debate Tournament

6th Grade Math – 3D Animal

By Stefanie Gangl The 6th Grade class was asked to create their own 3D animal by applying the knowledge they learned about surface area. They began by bringing in rectangular prisms and cylinders found around the house.  They measured the length, width, height, and diameter of each 3D solid.  They then took those measurements and … Continue reading 6th Grade Math – 3D Animal