Getting Started with Distance Learning

By Megan Whelan, Learning Specialist M.Ed

Are you having trouble getting started with this adjustment? I am sure you were not planning on becoming educators in the blink of an eye. We are here to help! Here are some suggestions for how to get started. 

Space: Have a designated area in the home for homework: set up supplies in an organized fashion. Currently I am using my dining table since I do not have an office. I dedicated space on my bookshelf for books, tubs and supplies. 

Reading spaces: A cozy corner, or reading nook encourages the joy of reading. Having books on display is always inviting to young readers. Take reading outdoors; Being outside in the backyard or a park with some distance is not prohibited. It can be really nice to connect to nature when reading. 

Organizing: Before starting any school work, students should begin and end every work day organizing. This is a great skill for life, especially when people first arrive to work. Ways to organize are below.

Schedule: Have a visual schedule that works well for the student. Almost every teacher uses a pocket chat or whiteboard schedule of the day so students can manage their time. There are also digital apps that can be downloaded to help students manage their time such as, Habitica Task Manager or Brili Routines App. Writing down a list on a note or using a timer, or a poster with each class listed, would help run through the organized time. 

Lists: Making two different types of lists; this can also be on paper, a board, a poster, or using his planner. 

    • The first list can be; “Work I need to complete” 
    • The second can be; “Work I submitted”
    • Some parents use lists for at-home duties as well. 


Balance: Maintaining the schedule for the day is very important. Even if students don’t finish their work for one subject, it will be okay to move forward. That way they are not doing too much work or too little work for specific classes. Although there may be a large load of work to do, it can be much more productive for students to take frequent and productive breaks. 

Again, all of these tips are just recommendations, but you have to find what works best for your family. We may be apart, but we are in this together.

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