OnLive Kids: A Parent’s Dream

By Colleen Zeiss

If this summer has you stumped for ideas about how to actively engage your kids, then check out OnLive Kids. The e-camp offers a variety of classes, including drawing, cooking, dancing, Lego building, baking, arts-and-crafts, and storytime. The camp even offers one-on-one tutoring!

The forty-five minute classes are offered at the same time each day, so it is easy to plan around your child’s favorite activities. The program is also super flexible. If you wake up on Thursday and need something to spice up the afternoon with some hands-on activities, you can sign up that morning for the Thursday Lego class. 

Let’s talk about the teachers! The motto for the camp is “By Kids, For Kids.” Don’t let their age deter you – these teenagers are running their own camp after all (that is not what I was doing before my sophomore year of high school – more like lots of lounging). The teachers have a strong rapport with their students, and their teenage energy reads well with the younger students. Also, did I mention that two of the teachers are High Point alumni (my former students), so this camp feels like an extension of the High Point family. 

The first session for OnLive Kids runs through June 26th. However, there is great news; they recently added a second session (June 29th-July 10th). Check out the website and give it a chance. It is super reasonable ($5.99 per student, per forty-five minute class) and the streamlined website makes signing up quick and easy.

Support our soaring eagles – sign up for a class with OnLive Kids!

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