HPA Zoomposium: Teachers Helping Teachers

By Colleen Zeiss

Just like all members of the High Point community, we teachers wanted to begin the school year with in-person instruction. However, when Governor Newsom gave the order to begin the school year virtually, we took a breath, evaluated our options, and took action. 

In addition to planning for the new paradigm of smaller cohorts per grade level and different schedules, we are concurrently planning for an improved and engaging Continuous Remote Learning curriculum. One action we took immediately was forming the HPA Zoomposium. 

This is an online forum devoted to teachers sharing best practices for online learning instruction. High Point teachers have volunteered to teach workshops to HPA colleagues about the types of lessons and activities that we found most effective and successful in the CRL model in the spring. Teachers voluntarily attend these workshops, learning from our fellow teachers and adjusting our plans for the CRL program for the fall. 

So far, we have had a blast together and learned a lot! The workshops will continue throughout the month of August, and every week we get closer to developing an even more solid CRL program for our students. 

By the way, the attendees are not just the teachers. Staff and administrators are also attending! The HPA Zoomposium has provided opportunities for us to experience CRL from the student’s perspective. We are learning for the students, always keeping in mind that we are stronger together!

Presenter Topic
Colleen ZeissUsing Dramatic Readings to Engage Students on Zoom
Teo CutterCreating an Authentic Classroom Experience on Zoom
Sarah NguyenUsing Games to Build Connection and Community
Jenny MattesichHaving Fun with Pre-recorded Lessons in CRL
Ann CollardKeeping Students Engaged & Accountable on Zoom

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