Student Council Takes to the Streets!

By Colleen Zeiss, pictures by Tito Gibbs

The High Point Student Council took to the streets on Tuesday…Kinneloa Canyon and Eaton Canyon Roads, that is. 

For the first time ever, the Student Council hosted a Carline “Bake Sale,” which included cookies, drinks, treats, and Eagle Spirit gear. All the drinks/treats were $1, and Eagle Spirit gear was regular price. Seventh and eighth graders came out in droves to support the Student Council and see their friends from the safety of their cars (with masks, of course).

The students were able to pick up PE supplies and library books at this time as well.

It was a great event, and one we hope to continue and improve. Thank you to our HPA Student Council members: Sotiris A., Elina C., Ray C., Jackson C., Anthony G., Ethan L., Andy P., and Joel S.

A special shout-out to Mrs. Shankwiler, Mrs. Solomon, Mrs. Gibbs, and Mrs. Chylinski for their help! Stay tuned for the next Carline “Bake Sale.” We loved seeing one another, and events like this reinforce our motto that we are “stronger together!”

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