Ready, Set, Go!

By Krista Huezo

This week in Mrs. Huezo’s science class, the 8th grade students battled it out, competing in the Newton Derby. Each student designed and created a pinewood derby car, going head to head  to see how fast their cars raced. After three days of racing, Anton’s “Hershey” car proved to be unbeatable! He raced Abby’s “Huezo con Queso” car in the final face off between class periods. The students will be using their data from the derby racing to complete a written project, using the velocity, momentum and acceleration equations they have learned in their physics unit.

Not only did we have some fast cars racing, but the creativity in their designs was off the charts! The 7th grade students helped to vote for the best designed cars. See the results below. Congratulations to all of the racers! It is so awesome to see the students participating in hands-on science again! Yay!

Period 2 Winners

1st Place- “Huezo con Queso” by Abby S.

2nd Place- “There is no Car” by Oliver A.

3rd Place – “Screaming Eagle” by Will G.

Best Design

“Poisoned” by Wendy H.

“Timber Mountain Log Racer” by Sydney E.

“Screaming Eagle” by Will G.

“Scooby Truck” by Lola W.

“Kachow” by David D.

“Titanic” by Ally D.

Period 3 Winners

1st Place- “Hershey” by Anton P.

2nd Place- “Green Beret” by Michael K.

3rd Place- “Smack Lacka Flippy Flop” by Brianna B.

Best Design

“Sheeesh” by Jake L.

“Smack Lacka Flippy Flop” by Brianna B.

“Salmonella” by Katelin K.

“Kinder Garden” by Sophia C.

“Bugs Bunny” by Ray C.

“Average Bowl of Chips with Wheels” by Anthony G.

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