Stronger Together: HPA Steps Up to Help the Elizabeth House

By Colleen Zeiss

The 8th Grade Girls Leadership Council focuses on inspiring young women to become leaders. The group aspires to help our community and the ones in need of a helping hand. With a mission of spreading empowerment to women, our goal is to seek opportunities from other well-educated women who have gone far in their careers. One step in achieving this goal was hosting the Professional Women Conference, a forum in which the students learned from successful and inspiring female speakers via Zoom.

Most recently, the 8th Girls Leadership Council hosted a donation drive for the Elizabeth House in Pasadena. This non-profit organization helps pregnant women facing homelessness. The leadership group organized a school-wide donation drive, based on the items from the organization’s wishlist: paper towels, Lysol disinfecting spray, hand soap refills, Clorox wipes, standard bath and hand towels.

The school-wide drive was a great success! The classes with the most participation received treats on Monday, May 3rd. Congratulations to our winners: 5th Grade, 1st Grade, and 3rd Grade! 

On the same day, the members of the 8th Grade Leadership Council, with help from their fellow 8th graders, loaded up Mrs. Zeiss’s van and prepared for the delivery. The drop-off went smoothly, and the organization was very appreciative!

A special shout-out to the members of the 8th Grade Girls Leadership Council who worked so hard to make this donation drive happen: Abby S., Rose B., Cate G., Elina C., Katelin K., Lily B., Brianna B., and Tracy J.

Thank you to the entire High Point community for activating and helping us give back to this worthy and very deserving organization! 

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