🎭 Shakespeare Festival, 2021: Reimagined & Stronger Than Ever!

By Colleen Zeiss

Once again, the junior-high students reimagined the Shakespeare Festival with great success! “All the world’s a stage” – and the science lab was ours! Students performed scenes from Othello and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, competed in a dance competition set to Shakespearean rap, tried out their acting skills with the best Shakespearean dying lines competition, hurled insults (Shakespearean, of course) at their teachers, played a rendition of Shakespeare Cards Against Humanity, and engaged in a Shakespearean-inspired live drawing session. 

A big SHOUT-OUT to all the teachers and administrators who helped make this happen: Mr. Stern, Mrs. Snyder, Ms. Butterfield, Mrs. Haines, Mrs. Parsons-Lamb, Mrs. Gangl, Mrs. Zeiss, Mrs. Huezo, Mr. Cutter, Mr. Valiulis, Mr. Davis, and Mrs. Shankwiler.   

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