HPA Feeds Families

By Helen Trout, High Point Parent

Dear HPA Family,

Thank YOU very much for your support and participation in our 2021 HPA Community Food Drive. With your generous support, we exceeded our goal of collecting 7,000 items, in the end, we collected 7,131 items!!! We are so grateful to have your help and support, thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🙏🙏

Thank you to the staff and especially Mr. Mejia for helping us transport two full school vans and three carfuls to Foothill Unity Center. In addition to our awesome Family Dinner Night Committee (Gabby Atienza, Alice Chen, Marisa Rose and Helen Trout), thank you to the parents who helped out in the mornings: My Ta, Julie Zhu, Jim Reynolds, Heidi Parker, San Lee, Elaine Ng!

During the Food Drive, there were so many little moments that warmed and touched our hearts. For example:

• Volunteers who signed up to help with the Food Drive at the last minute. Community building in ACTION.

• Parents who asked their little ones to sort their donation items in the respective boxes. This small action taught kids the importance of giving back to the community.

• The tremendous support from the school administration by ensuring car line kept moving as parents dropped off their kids and food donations.

• Email and text message updates on the Food Drive progress motivated many busy Moms and Dads to do last-minute grocery runs.

• Our Crossing Guard, Deborah, also donated to our great cause.

In the end, the important thing is that we were able to show our kids what is possible when a community comes together and the value of helping those in need. Even though we had such short notice of this year’s Food Drive, the HPA community came together for this great cause and exceeded the previously set goal. As a result, our students have earned an extra free dress day. Great job, everyone 💪💪💪

We can now replace the story of “how high can our Eagle fly” to “how high can our Food Drive go”.  Stay tuned for next year! 😉😉😉

Best Regards,

Family Dinner Night Committee (Gabby Atienza, Alice Chen, Marisa Rose and Helen Trout) + PAX

For more pictures please click here!

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