Jr. High Q2 Enrichment Gallery Walks: Virtual and Inspiring

By Colleen Zeiss

Enrichment Gallery Walks is an opportunity for enrichment teachers and their students to showcase their hard work for the entire Junior High community. It is a special time for us to come together and celebrate our classmates and colleagues. Traditionally, these Gallery Walks take the form of open classroom tours and large-scale presentations in front of the entire Junior High. However, because of the surge in cases due to the omicron variant, we found ourselves pivoting.

Once again, we re-imagined traditions and created some innovative new ones. For the second quarter, our enrichment teachers created Virtual Gallery Walks. Read below for the rundown. A special thanks and shout-out to our participating Junior High Quarter 2 enrichment class teachers: Dr. Flagg, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Gangl, and Mr. Valiulis.

Teacher: Dr. Flagg

Class: Innovators’ Studio

Virtual Format: Video

Synopsis: Students worked all quarter to design, develop, and execute a complicated and location-specific marble run. The video highlights their hard work and final projects. This video also includes the students discussing their process as designers. 

Teacher: Mr. Valiulis

Class: Yearbook

Virtual Format: Open Zoom-in Yearbook Class

Synopsis: The yearbook class opened up their classroom via Zoom to the entire Junior High. Students could get a virtual glimpse of the hard work and hours of designing, editing, and more editing that goes into the creation of the yearbook. 

Teacher: Mrs. Gangl

Class: Debate

Virtual Format: Recorded Live Debate

Synopsis: Should juveniles be tried and treated as adults? Members of the class debated this important question in a lively and well-researched debate. 

Teacher: Mr. Davis

Class: Art

Virtual Format: Student-hosted Video

Synopsis: Students in the art class talk about their self-portraits and the process of sketching, using techniques like the grid method and shading. This student-hosted video includes the students discussing their favorite moments of the creation process and their choices for their self-portraits. It also includes students teaching us about their inspirations for techniques. 

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