Alumni Spotlight: Alex Gourdikian (2014)

“If we are all going through hell, keep going.”—Winston Churchill

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”—Matt Smith, ‘Doctor Who’

By Norma Richman

My Brief Bio—

I am currently living in San Diego, California, and attending Point Loma Nazarene University as a senior.  I also work as an audio, video, and lighting technician.  I started out working for PLNU’s Worship Arts team.  This association allowed me to go on a tour with a summer ministry team as their audio engineer.  Since then I have worked directly for PLNU, running audio for small concerts and festivals on campus.  I currently also work with San Diego Event Professionals, which is an event productions company.  Through them I have participated in a multitude of corporate events and concerts, and I plan to continue working for them after I graduate. 

My High Point Experience—

High Point Academy is special to me because the faculty and staff there provided a solid foundation on which to build my future education.  In particular, it was through Mr. Divers’s instrumental music class, that I started to gain an appreciation for music.  I thought HPA was academically rigorous, yet still nurturing.  When I went to high school, I became aware of how much HPA had prepared me for that experience. 

My Personal Observations and Reflections—

I really enjoyed my time working on National History Day with Mr. Valiulis.  Through those kinds of projects, I learned how to work well within a team to achieve a successful outcome. I also appreciated my time on the yearbook committee; it was a great way to learn about meeting deadlines.  As I look back on all of the teachers I interacted with at HPA, I can see that each of them really had a unique impression on me.

From High Point, I went to Saint Francis High School, and the transition was very smooth.  I was extremely well prepared for high school.  In fact, I never ever felt unprepared during my four years of high school.  I am truly thankful for the experience and foundational knowledge HPA provided to help me walk through life in an informed and educated way.

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