5th/6th Advisory Service Projects

The 5th and 6th Grade Classes participated in a variety of advisory service projects this year. Each class was responsible for identifying, planning, and completing a project. Well done!

Mrs. Nguyen’s 6th Grade Class

Collect Reusable Paper

Students in Mrs. Nguyen’s homeroom wanted to help the environment by collecting reusable paper. Students went classroom to classroom, distributing boxes and asking teachers and students to set aside paper that had been lightly used. Over the course of three weeks they collected, sorted, and packaged it. Paper without rips or wrinkles that had been used on only one side was packaged for teachers’ use. It was fit to go through printers and be used as worksheet paper a second time. Paper that had seen a little more wear and tear but had a clean back side was packaged for students to use for their brainstorming, calculations, doodling, etc. Finally, bits of construction paper were organized by color and packaged for project use. Pounds of paper that otherwise would have gone straight to the trash or recycling bin got a second life! These 6th graders were so pleased to see that their hard work paid off.

Mrs. von der Lancken’s 6th Grade Class

Recycle markers

Students in Mrs. von der Lancken’s sixth grade class loved the idea of collecting dried out markers, highlighters, pens, and dry erase markers from all grade levels across campus. This would surely be an effective way to clean up classrooms, organize supplies, and save the environment all at the same time. Crayola (and a number of other companies) have recycling programs that collect dried out markers and pens and then repurpose them for future use. For three weeks, Mrs. von der Lancken’s students visited all High Point classrooms collecting any writing utensils that could be recycled. The students then counted each classroom’s contribution in order to determine a winner; they wanted to see who gave the most! Ms. Summers’ second grade students contributed the most dried out markers and pens to help us reach our goal of helping the environment for this Spring’s service project. Mrs. von der Lancken’s students really enjoyed this opportunity and have already begun talking about ways in which they could conduct Round Two of this project and collect even more markers!

Mr. Woodward’s 5th Grade Class

From Trash to Treasure project (ask Robin for more details)

Students in Mr. Woodward’s 5th-grade class conducted a service project dubbed “Trash to Treasure” emphasizing the reuse of materials. Students visited teachers across campus persuading them to donate potentially useful items they never use and might one day throw away. The students then notified the community that these items would be made available to teachers and students for free! Instead of these items becoming trash, they would be reused, protecting the environment.

Ms. Martin’s 5th Grade Class

Field Debris Clean Up (School Beautification)

Students in Ms. Martin’s fifth grade class found the idea to clean the school field a vital activity. The use and maintenance of the school field was something students felt passionately about. Trash pick up and equipment organization was completed to help keep the shared space ready for all to use.

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