8th Grade Spanish Class Holds Fundraiser for Jackson Elementary Dual Language Library

By Anna Parsons-Lamb

In March, the Junior High Service Club lead by Mrs. Colleen Zeis put on a carnival to raise money for Pasadena’s Jackson Dual Language Academy school library. The fundraiser to support the Dual Language Spanish elementary school was inspired by the 8th grade Spanish “Biblioburro” unit. “Biblioburro” or library donkey is about Luis Soriano, a man who travels long distances to bring books on his donkeys to rural Colombian communities who would not otherwise have access to reading materials.

Jackson School Librarian Cybele Garcia just happened to be in the process of looking for money to purchase much needed STEAM and DEI materials in Spanish when Sra. Parsons-Lamb reached out to her about the fundraiser idea. The HPA Junior High Biblioburro Carnival was a huge success, raising $1300 that purchased 70 Spanish or bilingual books to add to the Jackson Dual Language Academy school library. We are so pleased to be able to help support Jackson’s school library. Thank you to all who participated!

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