HPA’s Vision for a Better World

By Cheryl Stern

With the arrival of GivingTuesday comes the opportunity to show generosity and spread kindness – and to inspire others to do the same. We are proud that the High Point community embraces this giving spirit on a regular basis and would like to reflect on just a few of the ways our students, parents, faculty and staff work to create a better world.

Community service is an important part of each grade level at HPA, from our kindergarteners collecting winter coats for those in need, to our Jr. High service club leading the entire school in packaging meals through Rise Against Hunger. Our 1st graders bake dog treats and raise funds for a local dog rescue, learning about compassion for our four-legged friends. 2nd graders create care packages for residents of Hillsides, providing support to children and young adults in need. 3rd graders have the privilege of managing the Souper Bowl, HPA’s annual football-themed soup drive to benefit Friends In Deed. 4th graders spread joy at the British Home in Sierra Madre, treating the residents to an annual performance of songs from the Gold Rush Era.

As students grow and become more aware of the needs of others and the world around them, they begin to take ownership over service projects. This is a beautiful transformation to witness, as our HPA Eagles enthusiastically dive into projects to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. From a donation drive to benefit the Pasadena Senior Center to a bake sale to raise funds for City of Hope to thoughtfully thanking our beloved crossing guard with homemade treats, High Point students are learning to think beyond themselves and make an impact in their community.

Our older students have raised funds to purchase gifts for the Ronald McDonald House and to purchase books for a local school library in need of new materials. They have sought ways to aid the environment by organizing paper recycling drives and sweeping through Eaton Canyon to clean up trash. HPA students have also looked far beyond their local communities and worked to benefit international organizations through the recent Pulsera Project bracelet sales and Rise Against Hunger meal packaging.

At school-wide events like our recent Fall Family Picnic, students have the opportunity to give back, too. From helping to set up before the big event, to volunteering to paint faces and apply temporary tattoos to the younger students, to writing letters thanking veterans for their service, students are learning that it feels good to lend a hand.

Our HPA parents demonstrate their generosity on a daily basis through volunteerism at school – for which we are so appreciative! From serving weekly hot lunch to working as library assistants to managing special events like our annual Book Fair, the parents of High Point spread kindness around campus in countless ways.

Through GivingTuesday at High Point you can help build a better future for our school with a gift to the Annual Fund. Let the giving spirit of our HPA family inspire you to give today! Thank you, HPA community, for all you do to create a world that is better for us all.

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