Debate Team Takes 3rd Place!

By Gintaras Vailulis

High Point debaters competed on December 10th at LILA. High Point took 3rd place overall. Henry M. placed 6th in speaker awards and Donovan B. placed 12th out of 93 speakers.

Special thanks go out to High Point’s judges: Irma H., Nathan L. and Gregory F.

High Points teams were:

Ethan C., Reece L., and Gyan P.

Julia L., Henry M., and Fuming Y.

Gavin F., William G., and Tyler W.

Donovan B., Lindsay G., and James R.

Isael S.-A., Charles X., and Aden Z.

Madelyn F., Amelia K., and Jackie Z.

Our debate squad will begin preparing for the next tournament held on February 4, 2023.

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