Our Eagles Soar to New Frontiers: History Day at High Point

By Colleen Zeiss

The 2023 National History Day theme for 2023 is “Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas.” On Friday, January 13, 2023, eighth graders in Mr. Valiulis’s History Day class presented their final products for submission for this prestigious competition. 

After months of research, note-taking, drafting, re-drafting, editing, evaluating, and revising, these students presented their final projects to their classmates, teachers, administrators, parents, and judges during History Day at High Point. From podcasts and websites to exhibits and even a research paper, these students explored this year’s theme of frontiers in history through thorough their diligent research and the passionate execution of their projects. 

We are all SO proud of our eighth graders…and Mr. Valiulis! This event is the first step of many. The group heads to Gabrielino in March to compete at the county level. Hopefully from there, students progress to the state and national levels. Anything is possible as our research pioneers explore the History Day frontiers that lay ahead!

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