“It’s already been 100 days of school?”

By Jenny Mattesich and Tori Dohlen

Students were surprised the days had added up so quickly, but WOW had our 2nd graders learned a lot in the hundred days they’ve been in school this year!  For the two weeks leading up to the hundredth day, students were asked to think about creating a visual display to represent 100.  Each student brought in their special display to share.

The 2nd grade classes then collaborated to create a “100th Day Museum” along an outdoor corridor at High Point. The entire school community was invited to come and look at the museum throughout the day.

Displays ranged from Legos, sticker collages, and bead collections to seashells and origami.  It was truly a demonstration of the amazingly unique students we are lucky enough to teach on a daily basis!

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