Student Council Takes to the Streets!

By Colleen Zeiss, pictures by Tito Gibbs The High Point Student Council took to the streets on Tuesday…Kinneloa Canyon and Eaton Canyon Roads, that is.  For the first time ever, the Student Council hosted a Carline “Bake Sale,” which included cookies, drinks, treats, and Eagle Spirit gear. All the drinks/treats were $1, and Eagle Spirit gear … Continue reading Student Council Takes to the Streets!

It Takes a (High Point) Village

High Point Academy’s Norma Richman Launches Her First Novel It’s always gratifying to realize a long term goal but even better when it becomes a team effort. Richman’s book, Galilea, Galilea: A Novel, is the culmination of a life-long interest in science and the desire to entertain with a creative ‘voice’, and more recently, to … Continue reading It Takes a (High Point) Village

Preparing for School at Home

By Megan Whelan, Learning SpecialistAmongst the storms and challenges 2020 brought us this year, High Point will persevere,  and our educational philosophy will not be compromised. We are going back to school for the 2020-2021 school year, and entering Continued Remote Learning stronger than ever. High Point is now prepared for what learning will look … Continue reading Preparing for School at Home

HPA Zoomposium: Teachers Helping Teachers

By Colleen Zeiss Just like all members of the High Point community, we teachers wanted to begin the school year with in-person instruction. However, when Governor Newsom gave the order to begin the school year virtually, we took a breath, evaluated our options, and took action.  In addition to planning for the new paradigm of … Continue reading HPA Zoomposium: Teachers Helping Teachers

OnLive Kids: A Parent’s Dream

By Colleen Zeiss If this summer has you stumped for ideas about how to actively engage your kids, then check out OnLive Kids. The e-camp offers a variety of classes, including drawing, cooking, dancing, Lego building, baking, arts-and-crafts, and storytime. The camp even offers one-on-one tutoring! The forty-five minute classes are offered at the same … Continue reading OnLive Kids: A Parent’s Dream

Message from the Head of School

Dear High Point Community, The recent tragic death of George Floyd reminds us of the unfortunate reality that our country's long-standing history of discrimination and racism continues in many aspects of society. As educators, we take seriously our mission to prepare students with the academic skills to experience success in school and ultimately the workforce. … Continue reading Message from the Head of School

Shakespeare Lives on at High Point: Virtual Shakespeare Festival

By Colleen Zeiss As the students entered the Zoom session, they danced to the words of the Flocabulary rap they know so well, “William, William, Mr. William Shakespeare, / Got one thing that we want to make clear. / He's a master, the Bard's got bars, / His work's still got what it takes to … Continue reading Shakespeare Lives on at High Point: Virtual Shakespeare Festival

6 Tips to Staying Healthy During Covid-19

By Lisa Gillison, RN,MSN Wash Your Hands!  Wash Your Hands!  Wash Your Hands! Washing your hands properly – and frequently – is the single most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of germs and stay healthy. Lather up with soap and water and scrub all parts of your hands — back, front, … Continue reading 6 Tips to Staying Healthy During Covid-19