Quarter 2 Gallery Walks: Debate

By Colleen Zeiss On Tuesday, January 14th, seventh and eighth graders settled into Room 10 to witness the students of Mrs. Gangl’s debate class argue a topical issue: the repeal of the death penalty.  The proposition team argued for the repeal: Tyler B., David D., and Ray C.. Arguing for the opposition team were Ben … Continue reading Quarter 2 Gallery Walks: Debate

Alumni Spotlight: Sam Hardy ’12

Sam Hardy '12 returned to campus to take professional photographs of High Point's students and headshots for Mr. Gary Stern the Head of School.  Here is what she has been up to since flying the eagle's nest. Tell us a little about yourself.  Where you are right now?  Where did you go or are going … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Sam Hardy ’12

HPA Eagles Tennis — 2017 & 2019 League Champions

By HPA Coach Russ, HPA Boys Tennis: Tournament Results: Eagles Sweep Twice, Win Championship! We arrived at Caltech at 1:40, and got a decent warm-up in by about 2:05. Thanks to Designated Alternate Caden, for assisting with the warm-up. Semifinal Round High Point (1) vs. Mayfield (4): #1 Singles: Tyler won, 8-1 #1 Doubles: Ray … Continue reading HPA Eagles Tennis — 2017 & 2019 League Champions

Jr. High Math Olympiad Club at High Point

By Gint Valiulis Can you do this math problem over winter break? A palindrome reads the same forwards and backwards. The number 2017102 is a 7-digit palindrome. Let A represent the least palindrome greater than 2017102. Let B represent the greatest palindrome less than 2017102. Find A – B. Our Math Olympiad students do five … Continue reading Jr. High Math Olympiad Club at High Point

Student Council Winter Service Project

By Colleen Zeiss The Student Council led its Winter Service Project on Monday, December 16th. This project included four stations that provided opportunities for the students to engage in meaningful service to their High Point community and local charitable organizations. The students traveled within their advisory groups to the different stations around the school and … Continue reading Student Council Winter Service Project

How Volunteering at HPA Helped Me Find My Village 

By  Rebecca Taft, High Point Parent We’ve all heard the trope, “it takes a village to raise a child.” But what happens when the people who might normally make up that village live far away? My husband and I moved to Pasadena because it was convenient for our work commutes, but that meant that we moved far … Continue reading How Volunteering at HPA Helped Me Find My Village 

Tax Tip: Bunching Annual Fund Gifts

By Michael B. Noll, CPA, Trustee The Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017, effective beginning in 2018, brought many changes in the tax code. This tax bill is already shrinking the number of households claiming itemized deductions on their tax returns due to limiting and eliminating many prior allowable tax deductions as well as … Continue reading Tax Tip: Bunching Annual Fund Gifts

Trip to the Armory: Reclaiming Art Field Trips

By Colleen Zeiss On Friday, December 6th, the eighth graders visited the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena to view the exhibit entitled, Calafia: Manifesting the Terrestrial Paradise. The artwork centers around the Spanish myth of Queen Calafia and her army living on a paradise island called “California,” who were eventually subjugated by the … Continue reading Trip to the Armory: Reclaiming Art Field Trips

Screenagers: The Next Chapter Explains How to Foster Resilience

Study on Sleep, Communication, and the Three Ex’s of Worry Offers Parents and Teachers a Roadmap By Norma Richman High Point Academy’s first Parent Education presentation of the school year included a screening of the film Screenagers: The Next Chapter and a thoughtful panel discussion led by Learning Specialist Megan Whelan and Social Emotional Specialist … Continue reading Screenagers: The Next Chapter Explains How to Foster Resilience