Bake Sale for Ronald McDonald House

By Louise Harris, 5th Grade Teacher

In November, the 5th grade students started brainstorming about how to raise funds for their Community Service Project. The two things they decided upon were holding a bake sale and doing extra chores at home.

BAKE SALE– Several students volunteered to write a proposal to Mr. Stern asking for permission to hold two bake sales.  After finishing the writing, Cory and Evan made an appointment and went to discuss the proposal with Mr. Stern.  The fifth grade got the OK, and my class decided to hold the first one on January 18.  Mr. Woodward’s class would hold theirs on February 1.

In preparation for the sale, the students promoted the event by making posters and going to every class to talk about the bake sale. Evan spoke to Mr. Moore and got the OK to put information on the TV screens in the office and the lunch area. In one of the morning announcements, Cory was able to remind the whole school to bring money to support the bake sale. We had also decided to only sell two items, chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

On the day of the event, the baked goods arrived in the morning.  In the afternoon, all of the students helped make the banners for the tables, discussed and decided on the best layout to promote flow and set up the tables. Over half of the students ended up actively selling the baked goods and collected the money. At the end of the day, several students stayed and helped count the money. The Bake sale made $542. This money will help buy plenty of supplies for the celebration bags the 5th grade are making to bring to the Ronald McDonald House, Pasadena.

The students finished by writing thank you cards to the classes they went to talk to. They also reflected upon what went well and what could have been done differently. They shared this knowledge with Mr. Woodward’s 5th grade class to help them do well during the second bake sale being held on February 1.






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