Student Council Takes to the Streets!

By Colleen Zeiss, pictures by Tito Gibbs The High Point Student Council took to the streets on Tuesday…Kinneloa Canyon and Eaton Canyon Roads, that is.  For the first time ever, the Student Council hosted a Carline “Bake Sale,” which included cookies, drinks, treats, and Eagle Spirit gear. All the drinks/treats were $1, and Eagle Spirit gear … Continue reading Student Council Takes to the Streets!

It Takes a (High Point) Village

High Point Academy’s Norma Richman Launches Her First Novel It’s always gratifying to realize a long term goal but even better when it becomes a team effort. Richman’s book, Galilea, Galilea: A Novel, is the culmination of a life-long interest in science and the desire to entertain with a creative ‘voice’, and more recently, to … Continue reading It Takes a (High Point) Village