8th Grade Newton Derby

"What better way to study physics than building and racing pinewood derby cars?" thought Mrs. Krista Huezo, Jr. High Science Teacher. She began what has now become an eagerly anticipated physics lesson at High Point Academy. Each spring the 8th grade students are focused on designing and building the winning pinewood car.  Design doesn’t always … Continue reading 8th Grade Newton Derby

Creativity and Resilience Presentation to Junior High

By Colleen Zeiss Georgie Wisen-Vincent from the Center for Connection and Play Strong in Pasadena spoke to the junior high students about the importance of creativity and resilience on Tuesday, April 16th.  Ms. Wisen-Vincent presented information about the way the brain functions, pointing out the integral role of creative play in the developing brain. A hands-on and … Continue reading Creativity and Resilience Presentation to Junior High

Jr. High 3rd Quarter Enrichment Gallery Walks

By Colleen Zeiss This last week of the third quarter, the junior high celebrated with its third set of Enrichment Gallery Walks. This is a time for students to visit the other classrooms and witness the work of their peers and celebrate each other’s achievements. On Tuesday, March 19th, the popular enrichment class Card Sharks … Continue reading Jr. High 3rd Quarter Enrichment Gallery Walks

The Momo Challenge – The latest internet hoax to (NOT) worry about!

By Jason Moore, Director of Technology and Innovation When I first heard of the Momo Challenge I was a little worried as my little four-year-old watches You Tube Kids, and I was aghast at the thought of this weird character popping up in his favorite videos and giving him nightmares. Facebook posts, Tweets, and even … Continue reading The Momo Challenge – The latest internet hoax to (NOT) worry about!

Letters to Our 8th Graders

By Colleen Zeiss This week is a big one for our 8th graders. Catholic high schools send out decision letters on Friday, March 1st. The students and their families will receive emails on Friday night and the letters over the weekend. Understandably, the students are anxiously awaiting these decisions. Although we know our wonderful 8th … Continue reading Letters to Our 8th Graders

HPA 8th Grade Dance at Maranatha

By Colleen Zeiss On Friday, February 8th, the High Point Student Service Team and 8th Grade hosted its annual dance at Maranatha High School. This year’s theme was “Under the Stars.” The students dressed up for the semi-formal event and enjoyed the delicious buffet catered by Maranatha’s chef: taquitos, popcorn chicken, tater tots, homemade Rice … Continue reading HPA 8th Grade Dance at Maranatha

The Challenging and Exciting Evolution of a Language Program

Teachers are taught to teach. They are given concepts, tools, and behavioral advice and then placed in a classroom to begin experiencing the actual process of teaching. They cling to those tools knowing there are years of research behind them. Professional development allows teachers to acquire new and updated tools as the years pass. What … Continue reading The Challenging and Exciting Evolution of a Language Program

Mock Trial in English Class

By Colleen Zeiss, 8th Grade Dean The seventh-grade English classes conducted separate mock trials on Friday, February 1st. The case, People of Oklahoma versus Johnny Cade, was based on S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders. The prosecution claimed that the defendant, Johnny Cade, was guilty of first-degree murder of another character, Bob Sheldon. The defense team … Continue reading Mock Trial in English Class

Mock Trial Prep at High Point Academy

By Colleen Zeiss Retired attorney Mr. Dennis O’Meara, Mrs. Zeiss’s father, was a guest speaker in the seventh-grade English classes on Tuesday, Jan. 29th in preparation for their mock trial. A graduate of USC and Southwestern Law School, Mr. O’Meara began his forty-one career with Allstate Insurance Company in August 1972 and retired on January … Continue reading Mock Trial Prep at High Point Academy