Bake Sale for Ronald McDonald House

By Louise Harris, 5th Grade Teacher In November, the 5th grade students started brainstorming about how to raise funds for their Community Service Project. The two things they decided upon were holding a bake sale and doing extra chores at home. BAKE SALE- Several students volunteered to write a proposal to Mr. Stern asking for … Continue reading Bake Sale for Ronald McDonald House

Junior High Enrichment Gallery Walks

By Colleen Zeiss This week, the junior high is participating in the quarter-end enrichment Gallery Walks. Each enrichment class hosts an open class or presentation. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend as the kids showcase their skills. On Tuesday, January 15th, Mrs. Gangl hosted a debate as part of the final project for … Continue reading Junior High Enrichment Gallery Walks

Kinders Carry on a Tradition in the Spirit of Kindness

By Norma Richman High Point’s kindergarten students spent the weeks leading up to the holidays learning about the importance of helping those less fortunate. They collected new and gently-used jackets of all colors and patterns and packed them into huge boxes for delivery to Families in Transition in Pasadena. While some children raided their own … Continue reading Kinders Carry on a Tradition in the Spirit of Kindness

Ghostly Cans for Good

Teachers are always looking for creative ways to teach especially at High Point Academy in Pasadena, California. An opportunity arose to combine art and community service during Halloween for Mrs. Louis Harris' and Mr. Rob Woodward's 5th grade students. An art project was devised by Mrs. Harris for the students to create ghosts by using … Continue reading Ghostly Cans for Good

Junior High Advisory Program

By Colleen Zeiss The Junior High Advisory program is new this year. Advisory groups comprise of one faculty member and around nine junior-high students, from both 7th and 8th grade. The program aims to build peer and teacher-student relationships. On the first Friday of the academic year, the advisory groups met for the first time … Continue reading Junior High Advisory Program

High Point Academy Student Receives the Citizenship Award

Isabella Alcaino-Gordon (Izze) is a very special 7th grader. Having joined High Point after attending Holy Angels through sixth grade, Izze has quickly and quietly become integrated into the High Point community. She brought with her a love of working with younger children and has put that love into action at her new school. Everyday, … Continue reading High Point Academy Student Receives the Citizenship Award

High Point Academy’s Inspired and Creative ‘Family Program’

High Point Academy has always been one of the strongest independent schools in Pasadena with a reputation for robust academics. What parents may not realize is how creatively the curriculum has evolved. Sometimes academia is confused with old-fashioned. But High Point allows a flexibility to teachers inspiring them to create curriculum and programs to enhance … Continue reading High Point Academy’s Inspired and Creative ‘Family Program’