Math Coming Alive: Real-Life Number Lines

By Colleen Zeiss Do you ever feel like life is a series of negative and positive integers? Mrs. Gangl’s seventh-grade math students know what I mean… I could tell something amazing was happening in the seventh grade when I noticed Mrs. Gangl’s math students carrying  their beautiful posters with pictures of their families’ most memorable … Continue reading Math Coming Alive: Real-Life Number Lines

A Gallery Walk Down Memory Lane…

By Colleen ZeissThe last week of each quarter is a time when we come together as a junior-high community to support the students’ hard work in their enrichment classes. What a wonderful display of the students’ hard work and creativity during the Quarter 1 Enrichment Gallery Walks! Students, you should be SO proud! Also, a … Continue reading A Gallery Walk Down Memory Lane…

The Sound of Counting

By Lynette Wiebe, Kindergarten Teacher We do a LOT of counting in Kindergarten. Counting with correlation, with cardinality, with accuracy. Counting to thirty, to sixty, to one hundred. Counting forwards, counting backwards. Counting on from a number, counting back from a number. Skip counting by tens, fives and twos. Counting days of school. Counting collections. … Continue reading The Sound of Counting

National Hispanic Heritage Month

By Anna Parsons-Lamb For Hispanic Heritage Month the 7th grade students in Hispanic Culture Enrichment class created a mural made up of many well-known Hispanics. In addition, all students have the opportunity to participate in a Bingo game where players read short bios in Spanish and match them to their English description on the Bingo … Continue reading National Hispanic Heritage Month

7th Grade Catalina Island Marine Institute Week

Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) at Toyon Bay is a unique outdoor science school providing an exciting outdoor educational experience for students from public and private schools in grades 4 through 12. It is one of three outdoor science schools on Catalina Island operated by the nonprofit corporation, Guided Discoveries. Students focus on hands-on experiential science, … Continue reading 7th Grade Catalina Island Marine Institute Week

Nguyen Kitchen – 6th Grade Book Report Tasting

By Sarah Nguyen Students came in, sat down, and sampled five courses of delicious reads! Our first book report is on cultural diversity and inclusion so Mrs. Kalan pulled all of these relevant and highly recommended book titles. As the chef and owner of Nguyen Kitchen, I then served up these tasty reads and students … Continue reading Nguyen Kitchen – 6th Grade Book Report Tasting

HPA Zoomposium: Teachers Helping Teachers

By Colleen Zeiss Just like all members of the High Point community, we teachers wanted to begin the school year with in-person instruction. However, when Governor Newsom gave the order to begin the school year virtually, we took a breath, evaluated our options, and took action.  In addition to planning for the new paradigm of … Continue reading HPA Zoomposium: Teachers Helping Teachers

Shakespeare Lives on at High Point: Virtual Shakespeare Festival

By Colleen Zeiss As the students entered the Zoom session, they danced to the words of the Flocabulary rap they know so well, “William, William, Mr. William Shakespeare, / Got one thing that we want to make clear. / He's a master, the Bard's got bars, / His work's still got what it takes to … Continue reading Shakespeare Lives on at High Point: Virtual Shakespeare Festival

6th Grade Math – 3D Animal

By Stefanie Gangl The 6th Grade class was asked to create their own 3D animal by applying the knowledge they learned about surface area. They began by bringing in rectangular prisms and cylinders found around the house.  They measured the length, width, height, and diameter of each 3D solid.  They then took those measurements and … Continue reading 6th Grade Math – 3D Animal