Alumni Spotlight: Greg Dohlen (Class Of ’79)

By Norma Richman Artist Recounts His Years at High Point Academy “I remember my first dance at High Point. My mother had to give me instructions on how to dance properly, complete with some basic steps to the song ‘Get Down Tonight’ by KC and The Sunshine Band. My first dance with my junior high … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Greg Dohlen (Class Of ’79)

STEAM DAY 2022 at High Point!

HIGH POINT’S TEACHERS AND STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN STEAM DAY By Norma Richman The first ever STEAM Day at High Point Academy promises to become an annual affair, highlighting the quality programs presented by the science, math and arts teachers. According to most educators, STEAM is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts … Continue reading STEAM DAY 2022 at High Point!

Kindergarten Three Piggy Opera Refresh!

by Lynette Wiebe, Kindergarten Teacher After nearly thirty years of kindergarteners performing the same play, we had to pause for a couple of years, and the community really felt the loss. This show was a rite of passage for HPA students, after all. In fact, year over year the whole school would wait for the … Continue reading Kindergarten Three Piggy Opera Refresh!

The Lasting Legacy of an Indomitable Teacher

By Norma Richman, Beth Auer, and Tomi Okuno “Only Sandi would decide to teach calligraphy using permanent India ink to 270 students, including kindergarteners!”—Beth Auer Sandi Brune sang with an angelic voice as she led her students in musical traditions, but she also had a boisterous laugh that would reverberate throughout the entire building when … Continue reading The Lasting Legacy of an Indomitable Teacher