Head of School – Eagles Soar!

By Joey Campanella For the past two months since we began the 2022-2023 school year, I have had the pleasure to observe so many amazing things on campus that have served to confirm what I have known for some time now–that High Point Academy is a very special school with an outstanding academic program and … Continue reading Head of School – Eagles Soar!

Alumni Spotlight: Krystal Irwin (2014)

“My K-8 experience at High Point Academy was my foundation to strive towards excellence in everything I do.” By Norma Richman My Brief Bio— It was just a few months ago that I graduated from the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) as a Second Lieutenant. I am currently going through a six-month training session at … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Krystal Irwin (2014)

Jr. High Q2 Enrichment Gallery Walks: Virtual and Inspiring

By Colleen Zeiss Enrichment Gallery Walks is an opportunity for enrichment teachers and their students to showcase their hard work for the entire Junior High community. It is a special time for us to come together and celebrate our classmates and colleagues. Traditionally, these Gallery Walks take the form of open classroom tours and large-scale … Continue reading Jr. High Q2 Enrichment Gallery Walks: Virtual and Inspiring

High Point Academy Appoints Joseph “Joey” Campanella New Head of School

PASADENA, Calif. – December 1, 2021 – High Point Academy, a leading K-8 independent school in Pasadena announced that it has appointed Joseph “Joey” Campanella as its next head of school.  Mr. Campanella succeeds interim head of school, Dr. Tim Burns, and the previous headmaster of 7 years, Gary Stern, and will officially assume the … Continue reading High Point Academy Appoints Joseph “Joey” Campanella New Head of School

2021 High School Matriculation

2021 marked another banner year for 8th grade High Point graduates for high school acceptances. I know you will join me in congratulating our Graduating Class of 2021. I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to High Point’s dedicated and talented faculty and staff for preparing our soon-to-be graduates with the foundation for success … Continue reading 2021 High School Matriculation

Reflections on the Upcoming Martin Luther King Holiday

By Gary Stern On Monday, January 18th, our nation will celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. At this pivotal and unprecedented moment in our nation's history, it seems entirely apropos to reflect upon Dr. King's contribution and legacy. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Dr. King inspired America to live … Continue reading Reflections on the Upcoming Martin Luther King Holiday

January 6, 2021

Dear High Point Community, We are a nation deeply divided. We see it, we feel it, we experience it. Despite these deep and seemingly intractable divisions, I maintain a profound belief in America's 245-year experiment in democracy. Since 1776 when the Declaration of Independence championed the right to pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” … Continue reading January 6, 2021

Unwavering Belief in America

by Gary Stern, Head of School Dear High Point Community,  I have an unwavering belief in America, in its democratic principles and in its commitment to individual rights, freedoms, and responsibilities. Recently our nation elected a president and other prominent government officials in highly contested elections. Our democracy, the longest-standing democracy on the face of … Continue reading Unwavering Belief in America

From Think Force to Continuous Remote Learning Success

By Norma Richman “I think that this year is far better than last year. It might have been because teachers had much more time to prepare; it might have been because students have the experience, but I think that it is better this year because we all knew what worked and what didn't work last … Continue reading From Think Force to Continuous Remote Learning Success