Shakespeare Lives on at High Point: Virtual Shakespeare Festival

By Colleen Zeiss

As the students entered the Zoom session, they danced to the words of the Flocabulary rap they know so well, “William, William, Mr. William Shakespeare, / Got one thing that we want to make clear. / He’s a master, the Bard’s got bars, / His work’s still got what it takes to get you charged.”

Do you think a pandemic would stop us from celebrating his amazing work? 

The High Point Academy Junior High celebrated the work of William Shakespeare today in their first-ever Virtual Shakespeare Festival. The Festival is a long-time tradition at High Point, but with the safer-at-home restrictions, it was in danger of being canceled. 

However, thanks to the resilience of the students and the encouragement of the teachers, we pressed on and found a way to celebrate “the greatest playwright whoever lived.” 

Our virtual celebration included hurling insults at each other, dramatically “dying” via Zoom while reciting characters’ famous last lines, acting out scenes from Shakespeare’s most famous comedy, parodying scenes from one of his greatest tragedies with themes like Disco Lights and Harry Potter, and finishing with a draw-along of Shakespeare’s upside-down portrait – or was it his portrait?

All in all, it was the perfect way to spend a Monday morning. That is not just this English teacher speaking – the students agree!



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