National Hispanic Heritage Month

By Anna Parsons-Lamb

For Hispanic Heritage Month the 7th grade students in Hispanic Culture Enrichment class created a mural made up of many well-known Hispanics. In addition, all students have the opportunity to participate in a Bingo game where players read short bios in Spanish and match them to their English description on the Bingo cards. Winning cards will be entered into a drawing for a prize! 

This week in 7th Grade, they learned their weekly vocabulary (there is/ there are, can’t and goes to) through a well-known story and Colombia’s “Cumbia”. 

In 1997 Carlos Vives (a famous Colombian singer) wrote a Cumbia about a story called Ellie’s Hobby Horse (El caballito de palo de Elllie). One day Ellie’s horse becomes lame and can’t walk. Ellie goes to her grandpa’s house for help, and he tells her that if they imitate the horse, it will be cured. They imitate the actions of the horse, and it is cured! Carlos Vive’s song tells this same story through a very lively Cumbia called Caballito


To add to the fun, the 7th Grade read Ellie’s story in a form of an activity known as “running dictation”.  Students are asked to read parts of the story, dictate them to team members, cheer each other on, and at the end put the story in order. The catch is that they had to ride “caballitos” out to the tables where the story was placed. By listening to the song, and re-creating the actions along with the song, students pick up additional vocabulary and learned about the beats and instruments of the Cumbia. Fun was had by all!

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