Debate Team October 30th Competition

By Irma Hardjakusumah, Principal, Studio Left

Congratulations to HPA Debate Squad and their coach, Mr. Gint Valiulis!!!

On Saturday, October 30th 2021, the HPA Debate Squad participated in the RCDL Halloween Virtual Debate Tournament. 

We sent 4 teams: Highpoint LKA (Julia L., Julianne K., Sarah A.), Highpoint MK (Matthew M., Diya K.), Highpoint PMT (Gyan P., Henry M., Wyatt T.) and Highpoint TKP (Gavin T., Justin K., Nilay P.). There were a total of 41 teams competing from 8 schools: Highpoint Academy, Sequoyah, New Horizon School Pasadena, Polytechnic, Mayfield, Chandler, St. Paul The Apostle, and Harvard Westlake. 

The virtual tournament posed an additional layer of technical and logistical challenges for everyone involved but our teams were well prepared, and followed every tournament rules with commendable discipline and integrity.

Congratulations to Matthew M. and Diya K. from team Highpoint MK for snatching the tournament’s FIRST PLACE with their landslide win (4-0 on all 4 rounds)!

Congratulations to Diya K.for winning the 13th place on the TOP 20 Speaker Awards!

A special thank you to volunteer judges Purvi Patel and Rebecca Taft!! They were a natural and looked like they’ve been judging for years! Also, we must thank HPA alumnus judge, Andrew Lai. 

Thank you to Jenny Troman and Helen Kong for supporting our squad with delicious provisions.

Last but not least, thank you Mr. Valiulis for your leadership, insights and guidance!!!

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