Spring Break Storytellers

By Colleen Zeiss

Students in junior high definitely have stories! During spring break this particular school year, it was more important than ever to share these stories, and this is what they did!

Mrs. Zeiss put out the call for seventh and eighth graders to host virtual storytimes during spring break for the youngest of our community members: kindergarteners and first graders. Several students answered this call: Natalie M. (8th), Lina W. (8th), Cam T. (8th), Taylor T. (7th), Sophia C. (7th), Rose B. (7th), and Lily B. (7th). After one pre-storytime training with Mrs. Zeiss and Mrs. Neville, these storytellers readied themselves for their sessions. 

storyteller 2

On Tuesday, April 7th and Thursday, April 9th, the storytellers and interested kindergarteners and first graders met up via Zoom to share the magic of storytime. Utilizing the breakout room function in Zoom, the students broke out into small groups in order to experience their intimate and engaging storytime sessions with their junior-high storyteller. 

The Spring Break Storytime sessions turned out to be gift-giving events! The seventh and eighth graders gave the gift of storytelling, and the young listeners gave the gift of their curiosity and energy. Quite an exchange!

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